Al parecer el patch 13 ha dado algunos problemas..

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Muchos amigos me estan diciendo que cuando entran a , el lag es insoportable, que cada 2 segudnos sale el Drop Screem, no se ped e jugar, bugs en todos los sentidos, aqui Bnet nos explica cada uno de los errores que el patch ha estado dando hasta el momento.

la lista de errores a continuacion:

Here you will find a list of known issues we’re currently working to address. We will expand upon this list as new issues are detected, or when we have further updates to provide. Players are encouraged to visit our Bug Report forum to report potential issues and receive further updates. Thank you for your patience as we work to address these issues.


* Map Publishing

o The default host in the editor is currently not configured with the correct beta information. Before you can publish from the editor, you will need to change this setting by doing the following:

+ Use the File > Preferences command from any editor window
+ Select the item in the list
+ Change the Host value to:
+ Click OK

* Some attack and spell effects are visible through the fog of war if a player has vision nearby.
* Minimizing the client while waiting in a matchmaker queue can cause an assert/crash.

* There are no sound effects in
* 3v3 and 4v4 matchmakers sometimes cause players to drop just before the game begins.
* “Account expire” text on the home page – this is not related to player beta accounts.
* The Facebook friends Search feature may time out if you have a large number of Facebook friends.
* Custom Game Lobbies are having issues related to player slot management:

o AI players aren’t able to be removed once added.
o Sending a player to the Spectator team does not work.
o Canceling pending player invites, or kicking players, can cause them not to be able to enter the lobby.

* Players who get rated in 2v2/3v3/4v4 Random matches may not be able to view those ladders in their My Ladders page.


* Enemy structures being warped in will display ‘Unpowered’ in the info panel even if they are within range of a power grid.


* When multiple buildings are selected, no buildings will construct an addon if the first building in the selection does not have room for the addon.
* Attempting to build an addon while a building is being lifted can cause the building to land and start construction of the addon.


* Overseer Contaminate is not disabling the command card button for any upgrades such as attack, armor, or abilities. This is only a visual issue as the Contaminate ability does prevent upgrades from progressing and prevents new upgrades from being started.
* Overseer Contaminate is not halting queued SCV production from a Planetary Fortress. New SCVs are unable to be queued while the Planetary Fortress is contaminated.
* Units under the control of Neural Parasite are not retaining any passive upgrades. Active abilities that are researched can still be used while a unit is under the control of Neural Parasite.


Peru Gosudark

Sábado 22 de Mayo, 2010 @ 1:28 pm

avatar de GosudarkGO SCBW

PD : vendo cuenta de sc2 pa kien kiera msg me ;D

Peru sMaCkEr

Sábado 22 de Mayo, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

avatar de sMaCkErprovecho, asi stara por un buen tiempo, sino vean cuantos años han pasado para q sc:bw alcance su ultimo parche, eso q es mas simple q el sc2

Mexico Milo

Sábado 22 de Mayo, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

avatar de Miloque hueva todo en inglés :o.

Anyway creo que el problema más horrible es que te d/c y crashea el juego en medio de un match, También el estar por horas buscando juego y no encontrar y el replay crash.

Horrible este parche, me recuerda a los días de patch en World of Warcraft, un asco.

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